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Dr. Jon Repole is a certified functional medicine practitioner from FMU (Functional Medicine University). In addition, he holds a Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutritional Consultant degree from the Global Institute for Alternative Medicine, a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from NYCC, and a B.S. from Siena College. He has obtained advanced certificates and post doctorate education in plant-based nutrition, fitness rehabilitation, endocrinology, anti-aging, and neurology. He has been teaching, educating, and treating patients since 2000 and currently owns and acts as the clinical director at Jacksonville Health and Wellness Center in Mandarin, Florida. The practice is an embodiment of the tenets of ahimsa, veganism, and whole food plant-based living. Dr. Repole has been following a plant-based approach for close to 15 years.

About This Site

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1. Introductory Courses: 

  • Awareness: Getting started and shining the light of awareness on your life. 

  • The Health Equation: Explore a ground-breaking new heath equation as well as an expanded view on how "genetics" impacts our overall health and well-being.

  • Prioritizing Your Health, Needs, Happiness, and Life: Explore what drives us to do the things we do and learn a simple effective tool, The Focus Funnel, to help navigate you on your journey to self-actualization. In brief, concentrate on 1st Things 1st (the fundamentals), and 2nd Things 2nd!

  • Kosmic Health: Learn the fundamental tenets running our life and how to self-actualize and self-transcend. Research points to a simple but profound evolutionary drive running through the Kosmos that embraces the tagline, "Doing Good Is Good For You!" Find out how you can use this wisdom to heal yourself and your family! Say NO to living a life of self-betrayal and YES to living a life by design. 

  • Self-Actualizing Pathologies: Explore the barriers that get in the way from creating the best possible version of yourself.

  • Accompanying videos, audio files, and PDF worksheet

  • And much more!

2. 3 Free E-books 

Jump start your success to optimal health: start with a 3-day detox, add more green smoothies to you daily menu, and begin to choose healthier options at the grocery store!

3. Free Health Webinars 

Functional and Holistic Medicine? 

Real Truth about Thyroid Treatments

Optimizing Brain Health 

Hormone Health: A New Approach



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3 Free E-Books

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